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#23 4 Ways to Make Sure Your Old HDB Flat is...

Aug 26, 2017
There’s been a lot of talk lately about how older HDB flats are an unwise purchasing decision. Sure, the possibilit [more]
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#22 Legal Consequences for Failure to Comple...

Aug 24, 2017
INTRODUCTION Buying of a private residential property requires legal documentation which involves the signing of a [more]
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#21 What do you need to know a before sellin...

Aug 22, 2017
What is home equity loan?   Home equity loan, or in broader terms, property equity financing, is a lump sum loan yo [more]
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#20 Is Your Property Lawyer Actually Doing A...

Aug 20, 2017
As if your property purchase wasn’t expensive enough, you also need to fork out a few thousand dollars to hire a la [more]
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#19 Refinancing vs Repricing

Aug 17, 2017
Most people confuse these terms and use them interchangeably ‘cause well, they’re both essentially pointing to swit [more]
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#18 How Do You Identify An Investment Grade ...

Aug 15, 2017
While every salesperson you meet will be telling you that his or her property is probably the best investment decis [more]
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